Monday, July 12, 2010

An absolutely, totally and competely must listen to....

We had a wonderful weekend away at Mapleton Camp site, joining up with a number of Reformed Churches (both Reformed Baptists  and Presby Reformed Churches in greater Brisbane with people from as far afield as Towmsville, Auckland, Tasmainia and Sydney.) It was so good to catch up with old friends whom we have not seen for a long time! when we first came to AUstralia 6 years ago we went to this camp within days of arriving, just before Timothy was born. This time we especially enjoyed going there and coming home, we also enjoyed the Glass House Mountains.  Malany Cheese factory, Landsborough Art Gallery and the Montville craft shops, the clock shop (with it's grandfather clocks and cuckoo clocks and weather clocks!)
and the chocolate shop and the African shop being the most interesting.)  We also stopped at Kings beach and Shelly Beach, in Coulaoundra to delay home coming in order to miss the crazy traffic jams from Sunshine Coast to Brisbane on Sunday afternoons. 

I have come home feeling refreshed and inspired, by far the most invigorating aspect of our few days away was the spiritual food! 

How absolutely brilliant good preaching inspires, encourages and moves the soul, it changes, moulds, and restores. And the good thing is you can listen to the same sermons online even though you weren't there! So take a look at 'Enduring Faith' and PLEASE do have a listen to some very good sermons - you take time to get fit, feed your face to nourish your body, relax with a cuppa coffee - take time to feed your soul - it's worth it!  You will come away refreshed and invigorated and inspired. See

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