Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Granny and Grandad's new house brings childhood memories with the unpacking:

(A pity Jessica was not with us to share our red eyes! She was 'painting the roses red' instead. Where does that silly phrase come from again? Oh that's right, "Alice in Wonderland"!)

My Mom and Dad are settling into their new house, just around the corner from us and are unpacking all sorts of things from my childhood. When one has immigrated internationally twice over it is so nice to have a few snippets of history - even if just a ballerina or a Father Christmas cake decoration, toys, a tray, glasses or little fruit knife; or a slide (what's that the kids ask) , as I was saying, a slide ( no not the type in the park), a slide of a little girl in a gold and brown uniform, standing in front of a block of flats where she lived for a while right close to her school and next to some ancient cars, that really make her feel, well, ancient now!

Here are some photographs of Granny and Grandad's new house; it is big and spacious and I love it, although my Mom and Dad plan to renovate it ...

I love this big old fire place, but Mom and Dad hate it....so we might put it up on our back veranda for an 'outdoor winter warmer'. Hay, we live in Brisbane, so it barely ever gets real cold here but the kids will enjoy toasting marshmallows anyhow! Happily creating happy childhood memories for our children!

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