Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gone Fishing:

Big kids and their friends on the rocks...

Fishing from morning to night....

Last term the children had a special educational workshop for two days. It usually goes around the schools to teach kids to fish! What great life skills! We got to meet new home-schoolers form North of Brisbane too. Fishing with friends from morning to night, what delightful, peaceful fun. We went to the Redcliffe man made lagoon after lunch for a swim. And saw dolphins at sunset while we were fishing in the evening. A little walk on the beach and a very late night getting home- but a well earned refreshing school day! Last time I tried fishing I hated it as all my children were little. It was at least 7 years different family dynamics are now with big kids independent and willingly and cheerfully helpers. Add to it a bunch of nice big kid's friends and my life is made truly easy! As baby and little ones are entertained and 'looked after' with no effort by all. Yippee- we got through those hard years where everyone needed Mom all at the same time.

Patient Jarryn!Emma caught a toady fish which is poisonous...we all found it very interesting as you have to be very careful not to touch it when throwing it back but Emma was far more interested in her chocolate ice block!

Grubby Tim played in the water and sand most of the day!
Erica watching dolphins as she fishes with a line only.

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