Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dust storm

Oz has not had one since in 70 years and even then not as big as this one! The dust came from central Australia and went as far and wide as Sydney and Brisbane. The redness was caused by iron and is meant to be good for our garden. Poor farmers who lost all their good top soil! Some say it even touched NZ. These photographs were taken in our garden. And we still have dust in our house on everything! So besides seeing that our garden needs work, you'll know what I ought to do this school holiday! Dusting! Did you notice our new car below? We call it the green machine and it was bought in the hopes that the big kids will learn how to drive. It looks much smarter than it really is from this angle as you can't see the bad paint work and dent- although the little kids think it is grand as it has central locking and electronic windows! It was a good buy and we are very pleased with it indeed! Douglas and I hate spending money on vehicles as they depreciate so quickly and are very bad money investments!

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