Friday, July 3, 2009

Stress does go out the window eventually:

I was amazed at my emotional reaction when going back to our old house in Ipswich last week..... how little of the extreme stress I had felt @ time of flood happened as I walked in the door, after only a few weeks of being away!

A real eye opener to me that the extreme 'I can't cope feeling" does the time it does not feel as if we can ever get out of it. I hope I ever forget this an example to me that stress does pass, there is always hope , even in the worst of circumstances!

The smelly carpets and lino have all been lifted and the floor cleaned, we just have to decide on new floor coverings and then I think the house will be ready for sale....just about, that is..... there are a few minor plumbing jobs to do, patching up of paint work, need to get cleaners in for a spic and span finishing job and garden to weed...sigh.... Nice to be on school holidays at least!

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