Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sing it from the roof tops, rejoice and be glad ... a new little soul has entered the world!

I never cease to be utterly thrilled, enthralled, amazed and awestruck at the blessed miracle of a new life. For me it is a touch from our almighty and holy God to be blessed with a soul to care for, for a mere lifetime but who will live for an eternity, wonderfully awesome to have a new child, what a tremendous privilege to bring forth a new life, to tend and raise up a soul for preparation for eternity! Congratulations and welcome little darling Hannah Danielle Hunter. We look forward to meeting you precious little darling, little sweet lamb and may you rise up to bless our wonderful heavenly Father and be a joy and delight to your family! Kisses for you littlest one, from all the Murrays, and well done to Mummy and to all her helpers, big and little, from us all, Joy.

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