Monday, May 28, 2012

Do we have too much?

A little ditty/song came to mind today as I was thinking of my beloved Africa ... . We are so caught up with our 'Western Problems', we are so prone to 'Western' idol worship - self worship! We forget so easily that life here is so easy, too easy, so full of blessings - so much so that we forget we are blessed. We have so much we never even thank God for, so much as we don't even realise how much we have .... 'Oh forgive us Lord, help us to better love and care for our Brethren who suffer around the world, out of our luxurious existence here'

Take a moment to count your many blessings! Also take a look at this work in Zambia and take time to pray for these dear people....I was thrilled to spend time today looking at this RB work in Zambi...

And of course if you are looking at Zambia, don't forget my old favourite Zambian blogs ....

I remember years ago working out that our 'tissue budget' for the year was the same as the average Zambian total income! (I have written about it before ) Okay, we did live in New Zealand back then, so the kids were little and we were more prone to getting sick during the long cold winters, but for real - could we ever survive on such a tiny income?

Why do we worry so about our circumstances so much, when we have so much? Perhaps we loose perspective of what life is really all about with all the clutter of having 'to much'. Time we sorted out having too much of one thing and not enough of another :-)

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