Wednesday, March 28, 2012


There is nothing more comforting on a stormy day, than to curl up with an excellent book and a lovely warm drink. I always feel beautifully cocooned into my home with sheets of silky water keeping away visitors and the neighbourhood noises.  
I enjoy settling down with my beloved treasured family and savouring moments of peace and tranquillity together in the security of our love for one another. The consequences of the storm cannot all be dealt with immediately. If one is well prepared for storms then the consequences are fewer and less dire. Here in Queensland we clear rubbish and batten down potential missiles before the stormy season arrives. But there is still the chance of effects that were unpreventable and/or unforeseeable. The trampoline may be battered against a tree and ripped, or the fence may be blown down etc. It does not help to worry about this in the midst of the storm when one is safe at home. Rather it is lovely to watch the grand power of the storm and enjoy the reminder of God's mighty power, His protection and comfort and undertaking for us. This is one of the greatest pleasures in life that one can enjoy. 

On occasion one is caught out and about in a storm; usually one can get to some place of safety until one can return home again. On very rare occasions one is brought to the end of one's life in a storm as happened to someone driving through our suburb last year in a severe Queensland hail storm.

There are parallels to the 'storms of life'….what better way to face a storm than to 'stay at home' and to settle in with our Saviour, knowing the peaceful comfort of His love, while the storm rages about.  What better time to sup with Him in a leisurely and blessed way. If one is well prepared in trusting Him and close to Him, then this is easier and the consequences of life's storms have a less detrimental and have less of a dramatic effect on you. 

In our world there are sometimes relatively gentle storms that wash the world clean and leave a fresh delight for us afterwards. Storms of life can also sometimes be  relatively gentle storms too that wash us clean and give a fresh perspective on life. 

Truly the consequences of the storms of life can be faced as they need to be, worrying ahead of time about how we will cope will not help us to get through. 

Some of life’s storms are so violent that there will be much work in facing the consequences! But God is the Great God who makes the thunder clap, the violent wind rage, the rain torrent down and the hail stones pellet upon our little world.... surely He is capable of helping every single one of His precious children with their storms of life? For He loves us with an everlasting, covenantal, perfect love; He never slumbers, nor sleeps. He has said, “Fear not, for even the winds and the waves obey me.” He can calm your storm. He can carry and protect you when you get caught out in a storm. And eventually He will bring us safely home to Him for an eternity of no more storms, no more tears - just love: pure and perfect love. 

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