Tuesday, March 20, 2012

George Muller, a man of prayer who listened to God.

I have been an ardent fan of George Muller for many, many years. Why? Because he was a tremendous man of faith and prayer, and the Lord blessed and used Him hugely in this. But just recently I heard something interesting about him that I had not known before. For most of his life Muller would wake up and pray and pray and pray...but He became convicted that he should rather read God's word first; not for preparing to help/teach others but for 'lstening' to what God wanted to tell his soul. So for the last 30 or so years of His life he never prayed his glorious long prayers of faith until He had first 'listened to God', and He testifies to the glorious blessing this was to him. We serve the magnificent God of the universe, the King of King who loves us with an everlasting love - how wonderful that He stoops to talk with us! Will you listen to Him? Take leisurely delight in reading and meditating on His precious word, for in our delighting in Him does He talk to us!

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