Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Borrowed Prayer, author forgotten/unknown

Give me, O Lord,

that quietness of heart that makes the most of labor and of rest. Save me from passionate excitement, petulant fretfulness, and idle fear, keeping me ever in the restful presence of your love.

Teach me to be alert and wise in all responsibilities, without hurry and without neglect. Tame and rule my tongue, that i may not transgress your law of love. When others censure, may i seek your image in others, judging with charity, as one who shall bejudged.

Banish envy and hatred from my thoughts.

Help me to be content amid the strife of tongues, with my unspoken thought. When anxious cares threaten my peace, help me to run to you, that i may find my rest and be made strong for calm endurance and valiant service. Amen.

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