Sunday, April 10, 2011

More homeschooling memories

Just a few more field trips we have done over the years:

Tea Factory 2009
Tea bag machine

Official tea factory hats

Coming up to the giant funnels which feed downstairs into the tea bag assembly area. Huge sacks of tea leaves on the right; ready for mixing up the correct tea combinations.            

Tea up to the sky

 Save the Bilbies Day

Wet 'n Wild

Fishing Workshop: 2010
Redcliff, with Sunfish Educators. In the morning we goggled at the pelicans being fed. We learnt heaps through the day( I highly recommend Sunfish!). We stayed for a walk on the beach that night. And as the sun kissed the water, the dolphins came to play up close. The teen boys ventured to rocky outcrops, while one Mom BBQ'ed and watched little ones paddle and the another kept bait on hooks for the middle kids. It is a good life - homeschooling. No bullying or fighting all day long. None of us had to get home early to iron uniforms! And the next day of school was full of excited show and tell!

Watching Narnia being filmed up close

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