Friday, June 24, 2011

King's Beach: Early May 2011

Jessica relaxing after a good meal!
This term seems to have been full....busy but also full of sickness...just a perpetual round of flue, soar throats, colds, laryngitis, etc going from one person to another and doing the rounds all over again!  There seem to be so many things I did not write about from before we were sick...I just cannot possibly keep up with out very busy lives! One special thing we did was  to go away for a weekend at the beginning of May. We met up with friends both new and old in Caloundra, before heading inland to Mapleton for our the combined Reformed Baptist's Church Camp. Here are some shots of our family enjoying King's Beach, one of our most favourite spots on the Sunshine coast! Not only do you have ships going by, kite flying and the beach but there are fountains which change size and direction all the time - great fun! We have not been there with the fountains going since Jarryn was a baby, he is 3 and a half now. So everyone had great fun!

Ship ahoy!

Emma watching the ships

Emma playing in the sand.

Tim with a shadow saying 'hi'.

Chatting/debating after a very delicious BBQ/braai.

Best friends: Jo and Erica

A something that spins you around fast. Tim


Getting ready for spinning, Emma

Emma just loves the surf, as all the big children do.

Jarryn happy only if not too deep/close to waves.



Salty dribble

Ladies talking while watching the children.

Jessica helping one of our friends with the boogie board, and getting wet. She should have just brought her wet suit!

Run, run as fast as I can; you can't catch me I am Jarryn, nearly a man!

 Sweet Jarryn

Flying a Kite, Erica.


The fountains....

Erica had a terrible cold that day, just look at her blowing her nose!

Just joking...

Erica having great fun.

Keeping dry and warm a good safe distance from the fountains. I got wet when an unexpected fountain got me from behind, as I was taking photographs.


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