Tuesday, May 17, 2011

School snapsots of the day:

Maths in washable plastic sleeves,  so that the book is reusable. We discovered a page that had not been cleaned form when Josh was little. It said, " Mommy I love you" and I had replied, "I love you to." What a sweet little boy!
Erica is so proud of her lovely cover for her science journal, finally we have it all neatly filed away. It looks so good.We are using Aoplogia for all our school aged children except for Emma and Tim who are using Abeka.
Emma doing art. This is Ema's first canvas. She has spents hours and hours on it over weeks and weeks.

Tim doing 'hygiene when making food'.

Josh whizzing through science.

Jo having a good stretch while printing off some science for his science journal.

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