Friday, April 8, 2011

New Blog and some family news

School boy, 2008
Okay, okay...I just can't help myself - firstly I love to write and secondly I have librarian parents to blame for my strong desire to have everything categorised and in order; you would not believe it at first glace at my house, but I do! 

And so this urge to develop a family Nature Diary, Charlotte Mason style, is not to be stifled and is thus entitled to it's very own space. come along with us an dbe inspired to enjoy our wondeful Creator and His creation! 

This leaving this blog to become more and more an observation of my thoughts, philosophy, religous views and my personal perspective on life and my observation of events around the wasn't meant to be like that, I must get back to some family news soon. I haven't even told you yet have I? .....

 Ah haaa .......... I tricked you; you all thought I was going to say I was "pregnant again!" Sorry, I couldn't help myself....people do keep on asking :-)

Civil Engineering student, 2011
What I was going to say I haven't told you yet, that Jonathan is at the Southbank Institute of Technology doing an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering to go on to the full degree at QUT  later on. He is not my little school boy any more but rather another man in our home! Where do the years fly by to so fast? We are  sooooo proud of him! He is doing so well. Jessica is doing really well as well as she continues with her child Care studies. Jarryn gets 'practised on' for any assignment work that needs toddler/preschooler practical input. He so enjoys Jessica and is most eager to see her again when she has been to the library as she always brings home a special book or two for him. What a delight it is to have young adults in our home who are mature and love God and their family. So that means we are now a family of 4 adults and only 6 children, or does it?

just joking... of course it does!It is pure delight to see the little children grow up with extra adults to love them in the house!

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