Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why couldn't we all turn on our taps to empty the dam and prevent the flood?

I have heard a number of people ask this question. It is a very good question indeed! If we all turned on our taps for a week then we could do something to empty the dam and could have prevented the flood. Someone replied that the water people were too stingy, it would cost them too much to process all that water. 

Not so though.....this is how my son explained it to me. When the Weivenhoe was releasing water at it's fastest, it was releasing as much water in a minute/hour/day as was used by Brisbane in a week. WHAT!??? Accurate? I am not sure if 100% accurate but it would be close. (If you have a definite quote on this matter leave a comment!) Now I understand why we could not just have turned on our taps, there was just far too much water. And although we have only been here 6 nearly 7 years we have experienced the drought crises, flood crises and now mud crises. The weather is very hot, so hopefully everything will get a chance to dry out soon. These Queenslanders have proved to be tough and warm and kind - I love em!

Here is Weivenhoe Dam in October 2010, empty and a gentle flow compared to the flood flow pictures of recent. At the time hundreds of people were flocking to see the dam as it was so amazingly full! Little did we know it was a matter of full, fuller, fullest. We thank God that the rain stopped when it did.

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