Saturday, January 8, 2011

Flood pictures in Australia

We are fine by the way, no flooding too close to us ... just in case you were worried because I have not blogged in ages; just been really busy with family thats all :-)


  1. Hello Joy!
    So good to hear that you are alright, as we have been following the floods here, and wondering if you were affected or not. . . amazing what water can do!
    I should email you, but thought you would be interested in this bit of news: the matric results have all been made public here over the past week, and the children of who have been home schooled came in with the second best results as a group (behind the private schools). Just heard a bit on a radio show, but they did really well, and home schooling still growing here!

    Hope you are all well, and have a wonderful year!
    Lots of love from Cherith

  2. Hi Cherith
    That is interesting....are you still in the UK or have you gone back home to South Africa?
    Love to all the family from us and may you have a blessed year too, Joy