Friday, January 14, 2011

Brisbane Flood Mop Up.

The Brisbane flood mop up is unimaginably enormous! The extension of love and help is amazing…. The stories of friends and their neighbours is enough to make the hardest heart cry; The endurance in the face of hardship an awesome inspiration. God give us grace to move through this hand in hand. For those who are fine to keep finding ways to help and show love to the bitter end, for the end has only just begun.

We are just south of Brisbane, between Ipswich and Brisbane, two of the hard hit areas. We have lived in Ipswich and had two floods there. We have been sorting clothing today as we wait for roads to open. The devastation is enormous, quite surreal - a war zone. It is the first time my children will come face to face with African type sufferings. They will see home after home destroyed.  I keep telling them that the death toll is less than a weekly death toll during apartheid unrest; the raw feelings we felt the same each week as we now feel here. I am reminded again of those who flood in the Cape with tin shacks to protect them and then consider that we are lucky really in a sense here in Australia...with the government rushing in to help where they can, with helicopters to rescue and bring food for the isolated... Yet there are no words for the heart ache  felt now, the enormity of it all.... may God help us to show Christ's love; may hearts turn to Him at this time! May God have mercy this nation!

Thank you for you loving concern and prayers, Joy

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