Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Birthday JB

We have been having so much fun being 'busy' that I am so behind with blogging, so this is yet another  very belated 'Happy Birthday' (with one more still to come - hopefully before Christmas and the New Year.)
But none the less, from the bottom of our hearts a very big "Happy Birthday, Josh. We love you!" 

Joshua is a very shy and private person so I am not going to go into much detail here but I just to say that we are so proud of him... he has overcome obstacles and hurdles this year that have seemed insurmountable. And as usual he has come out with flying colours, well done! 

Starting flute and continuing piano brought much interest and creativity to Joshua's life; Josh 'talks' emotion when his fingers touch his instruments. We love his beautiful music drifting through our home for hours each day. JB loves his music and excels as he is so well disciplined and routined, practising single day without fail.
Our local homeschooling sport's afternoon each week is always one of Joshua's best afternoons of the week.

Joining a men's cricket team with Jon and Douglas has brought Josh much pleasure too. Yet, he is not beyond batting and bowling with the rest of his brothers and sisters in the back yard each afternoon - I love to watch them all interact and work at finding a fair compromise as different ages and abilities play together...fantastic social skills developing that will stand them all in good stead for a life time.  Joshua's biggest complaint is that they are 'too lazy' (really they don't have enough stamina to keep going as long as he can and wants to. Josh is super fit!)

Following the cricket and rugby international games with Dad and Gran is Joshua's favourite TV viewing. (although he did watch a bit of Master Chef, and has been inspired to cook/bake again too). His favourite movies at present are the Lord Of the Rings Trilogy, and How To Train Your Dragon. He has read through the Lord of the Rings Trilogy on numerous occasions and has devoured the Binding of the Blade series too this year.

Recently Josh and Jonathan thoroughly enjoyed a 'Health Cadetship' with Griffith University - looking at different Health careers, doing dissections, first aid etc Josh of course as always excels with his school work especially maths and science. He also did very well in an international speed test for arithmetic this year.
He is an amazing kid and when he sets his mind to be co-operative and helpful he surpasses everyone in the household in his determination and consistency and faithfulness. We are so proud of you   Joshie!  You are a delight and joy to us! We prayed for you before you were even born, we have loved seeing you grow from babyhood into a fine young man and overcome any struggles slowly but surely with determinationa and perseverence. You will always be our treasure no matter what, and we will always pray for you, be there for you and love you with all our hearts, more than we can ever tell, and more than you could ever imagine!

Happy Blogger Belated Birthday, JB

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