Friday, October 15, 2010

Wivenhoe Dam Spilliage: October 2010

Making historic memories with family has always been one of my delights! Here we visit the Wivenhoe Dam today. After many years of seeing it through drought when it went as low as below 18%, it was phenomenal to see it today with the spillway in use in order to prevent flooding with further expected rain.

From a Distance:

A bit closer on the 'look out' near to where the spray is.

 Close Up, behind the spray, near the dam wall and spillway:

Looking Down at the 'look out' that catches the spray:

This is the area where we used to walk when we went on the Berea picnics in drought times, completely under water now:

Going across the dam wall

Down Stream:

Mist in the distance is Wivenhoe Spillage as seen from our friends, the Peggs, house:


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  1. Dear Joy,

    It is so lovely to read your blog and to keep up with the goings on of your lovely family. I hope to catch up with you soon. love and a big hug, Alison