Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some of our favourite family pieces

My Favourites:

By far my favourite performer is Emiri Miyamoto, Jessica also loves her work. We love her Smile CD. Douglas gave it to me for a very special birthday present last year. (I think he ordered it direct from Japan.)

Another of Jessica's favourites... is the Song of Joy

This is Erica's favourite, used in the Wind in the Willows Cartoon movie:

And here some of Doug's favourites:

This one is played by by a brilliant little girl:

This is a favourite of Josh, Jon, Emma and Tim:

Emma and Josh like this version of the Carnival of the animals, as they enjoy the drums. We all like the classical version!

This is a beautiful rendition of  the Classical Carnival of the Animals, lovey paintings to go with!

Jo's favourites:

This is part of Jonathan's favourite, he enjoys the Winton Masalis CD

And last but not least: No childhood should ever be without this delightful story to music! (make sure you move onto Peter Bowie's number 2 and 3 to hear it all! )

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