Saturday, September 11, 2010

Children, a blessing

Never underestimate the potential you have to touch a child's life! 

Yesterday I got a letter from a lovely young lady who is nearly 12 - I last saw her when she was 4. But as her Mom is one of my very best friends, we have stayed in touch over the years. I was very touched that she was so attached to me still after so many years. I have always loved this girl and her family and prayed for them, but never thought I was making any impact on her life. It totally blew me away that God could use the time we spent together all those years ago when she was so little, to instill in her how precious she is to me - and that she would remember this 8 years later!

What an awesome responsibility and joyfully rewarding love we have to give! What enormous potential we have as adults to touch children with God's love, to pray for them and be blessed by them as we enjoy them. Not only our own children, but our friends children and our children's friends and children in the community too. I hope that all the many children who have been a part of my life know that I still love them and pray for them! (even those who think I would scorn them for not walking with God as they have reached adulthood.)

Never hesitate to put all your love and effort into ever child God brings into your life. Truly it is worth every effort a millions times over, for the blessing those children will be to you.

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