Monday, July 26, 2010

Breakfast with Granny and Grandad, by Timothy

I slept over at Gran's and Granddad's. Gran made pancakes with flour, eggs, milk and butter in a pan. She tossed them in the air. They did not stick on the ceiling. I am glad because they were yummy. We had ice cream with them.
(Note from Joy: pancakes for us are those very thin pan sized things, I know that they are called other things around the world...crepes in some places, I think?? Please note the two front teeth missing - so cute, but it only lasts a moment and then they are all grown up with grown up teeth! :-(

After breakfast Tim  watched Asterix, as this is one of his favourite books. He also told Granny he wanted to go to the hair shop so that his hair would go nice and spiky, and Gran offered to do it for free, so after a shower and nicely washed hair, Tim asked for gel for his hair. He was very tickled when Granny offered him moose instead!
 But it did the job just as well!

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