Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Birthday Boy: Jono

A belated Happy Birthday to our 17 year old son. After Jessica (19) was born we had a miscarriage and thought that we would never have another baby - we prayed earnestly for this boy! His pregnancy had complications and I remember thinking he would not survive - but here he is 17 years later with a mission in life! We had another miscarriage after Jonathan. Truly Jonathan is an answer to prayer and a blessed gift from God.

Jonathan I think must be, by far, our most determined child - if he decides he is going to do something good or if he decides something is right, nothing will stop him! I admire the courage he has to follow though with action that will sometimes take him against the tide of society. About a year ago he went to a shop and requested a magazine be removed from the till area so that children would not see it as they left the shop. They argued  that it was sealed in a plastic bag, and that head office decides where things are placed. He called for the manager. I don't think they changed it - but he proved he would stand up for wrong and on his own. He had asked me to wait for him at a certain point as he did not want me worried about the issue. In the last year he has listened to 100's of sermons and has grown into a giant of a man....discussing sermons, apologetics etc  with adults and seeking to apply theology to his life practically.

I call him my "Noadie", as not only does he look like the Noad side of my family but he is stubborn as can be when it comes to standing up for others rights or for what is right... a very Noadie trait. Something that can get us into trouble at times which leaves us all the more determined!

The most wonderful thing about Jonathan's life is that he seeks to serve God and when he fails he is humble enough to come and say sorry, even when he finds this particularly hard- I call that real guts/courage! I like that he can put his reformed theology into practice on a daily basis - this last year has been a tough one for us all, and he has come through it with his faith stronger, thanks be to God.

This semester Jonathan is trying a university subject while he finishes off school, and seems to be managing well so far.

We are so proud of you my son, we love you dearly!And pray God would lead you and guide you in the days ahead and bless and keep you both now and forever.

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