Monday, May 24, 2010

I Need Africa More Than it Needs Me!

This is a quote I came across today, "I'm not saying that Africa does not need our efforts. It absolutely does need our partnership. But for me, I've come to understand that I NEED AFRICA MORE THAN AFRICA NEEDS ME. Why? Because it is Africa that has taught me that possessions in my hands will never be as valuable as peace in my heart. I've learned that I don't need what I have and that I have what I need. "

See the utube video that goes with it!
To see the whole screen right click and go to 'see on utube'! ( My clever lass showed me how to do this!)

As I watch... beautiful faces come to mind of beautiful people, mostly children, in awful circumstances whom I have known in Africa. People who have touched me more than I could ever have touched them! Their bravery, their joy, their ability to keep going despite their me to be more brave, more joyful and more determined too. For with God all circumstances can have peace and joy.

This is the group who made the video above....what a good idea! Wouldn't it be great to do something like that here in Australia too!

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