Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Piper/Warren debate. A reflection of where the church is going?

Piper invites Warren to his conference, here Piper tells, "why?"

And here is James White's response:


Phil Johnson's response is:


I like Phil Johnson's response, he is kind and yet emphatically sums up my own deep concerns of the last few weeks/months about the way the church is going world wide. "Lord give us wisdom and discernment and prayer filled hearts!" As my little two year old (who loves to pray in his baby way) says to his brother, whom he has nicknamed Minty...."Minty, eyes closed". i.e., "lets pray, brother" Amen to that and amen again, lets pray!

"Lord, send a true revival, that you may be honoured. Don't let us believe that the numbers of pragmatism is the real thing. Protect our children's generation from the dangers of pragmatism. May we be good and strong and wise leaders for them"

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