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G rated outdoor advertising in Australia

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Update from Wendy Francis - 2 weeks ago I started a facebook page - OUTDOOR
ADVERTISING SHOULD BE G RATED. Today, 2 weeks later, there are over 2,600 on
that page. There has been a good amount of media interest and we are now
embarking on a billboard campaign calling for outdoors to be G rated as far
as advertising goes. The reasons for this are numerous and probably obvious.
The main driving force for me is for the protection of our children's minds.
Below is a media release that has been sent out today fyi. If you would like
to join the campaign go to my website www.wendy4senate.com and find out how.
Please don't hesitate to contact me for any more information.

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Family First's fight to make outdoor advertising G rated gained momentum
over Easter as a flood of public support flowed in to launch a billboard
assault against billboards displaying sexualised images and messages.

In less than 2 weeks over 2600 people have joined a facebook group calling
for Outdoors to be a G rated environment.

Wendy Francis, Family First's Lead Senate Candidate for Queensland, said
people are fed up with outdoor advertising shoving inappropriate messages
into the faces of children.

Australia's children were being robbed of their innocence, Wendy told a
family forum over Easter. Speaking at a 4-day convention attended by more
than 1000 people on Mount Tamborine, Mrs Francis said the current social
environment was bombarding children every day with messages promoting
promiscuity, drugs, alcohol and reckless behaviour - just to name a few.
"These negative influences are robbing children of their innocence, and
plundering the childhood they deserve," Mrs Francis said.

With a take on the billboard ads "Longer Lasting Sex," Family First has
launched a "counter-attack" planning "Longer lasting Childhood" ads in a
billboard campaign to "make the outdoors G rated." Incensed at brazen
adult-theme advertising, Mrs Francis said, "It's not logical that images
prohibited from prime time television are up there for all to see 24/7".

"This campaign has great community support, and I believe it will be a giant
step forward in pulling back the sexualisation of our culture that is
currently occurring at a rapid pace," Mrs Francis said.

She is confident of raising the funds to run a 6 month billboard campaign
saying simply "Outdoor Advertising Should be G Rated."

Mrs Francis also has plans to use a Galaxy Poll and bumpers stickers in the
fight. She will host a summit this month in Brisbane with a number of
supporting community groups to discuss strategy for the campaign including
the National Civic Council, Family Council of Qld, Collective Shout and the
Bioethics Centre of Qld.

kind regards

Wendy Francis

Lead Senate Candidate

FAMILY FIRST because some things are worth fighting for


facebook - wendyjoyfrancis

twitter - wendy4senate

Wendy Francis

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