Monday, March 8, 2010

Loganlea Station’s Umbrella Caterpillar:

By Joy Murray

The gloom of the day was expressed by the rain,

the tears of the sky who was feeling much pain.

The train chugged in slowly with a creaking and groaning,

to stop at the place for the people’s farewelling.

Up popped all the brollies as each person stepped off,

Like segments of caterpillar growing – poff... poff..

They snuggled in close, to stay as dry as was possible,

And shuffled in line like a caterpillar flexible.

Down the ramp and over the back of the zebra they crossed,

As the cars and the bicycles for the creature had stopped.

Trudging wearily the colourful wet creature got smaller and smaller,

as it passed the hospital which seemed to get taller and taller.

The Uni got greedy, a few segments it ate up,

By the time it got to TAFE it was almost out of luck.

Still struggling together, the bright creature arrived,

All dripping and wet - it had barely survived!

Brollie is slang for umbrella.
Uni is an Australian word for university.
TAFE is a technical college, pollytechnicon, pollytech, technicon etc in Australia.
Poff is my own make up word for the sound of umbrella’s popping up in the rain.

Here is Loganlea Station, close to where my daughter goes to TAFE

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