Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Worship

Worship .... I think most Christians today are blessed to understand, that worship is every aspect of our life...the entire day and night of loving God, and adoringly doing all to please him in every way!

But in the church context there is often a muddling of ideas. Our aim should always be to be perfectly focused on our God and nothing should distract us from the purpose of bringing public focus entirely on God. There is no room for performance or entertainment. There is no room for people focus or a 'me, me, me' focus. We should look at every aspect of our wonderful creator as is possible in the given time. Or slowly develop one aspect of his character for meditation and deep pleasure of who our awesome God is.

Like a jewelery artist who is given a very valuable gem and must study it before he makes something out of it. So we too should see God as our treasure and enjoy just gasping at who He is. Or like an artist who is given the gift of a master's painting. He is filled with delight. He looks close, he looks from further aback but he cannot take his eyes of the delightful feast. He cannot contain the joy as he looks on at the beauty. So we too in public worship should be moved to worship our God of beauty without distraction from the joy of who our Lord is. He does not need props. He is God and in Him there is joy, and enough of it too. For there is joy to be found in knowing and understanding who he is.There is no performer who can bring that to us, no entertainer, no atmosphere. It is God who is to be worshipped alone. And in this is there true joy that will last!

We should never be moved emotionally because of music or atmosphere, for this is not worship. Worship is a total adoration, and knowledge of who God is and what He has done for us, by His grace! Tonight we heard Jonathan Saffarti talk about how complex each cell is in our bodies is, with a little engine making energy and a little something else moving protein from a to b along a little track, with two little leg like things and there is so much more in the complex DNA system of each cell....this God who is in control of every cell in our bodies is the God who keeps the universe in orbit. He touches each blade of grass, each rose petal with a dew drop. He paints a new sunset each night and new sunrise for each morn. He is the God who died for our sins - the price paid! He frees us from guilt. What an awesome, majestic, gracious God we serve!

May we serve Him well in our worship!

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