Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Joseph, My Fantastic Master Chef of 2010!

Happy birthday to our wonderful 12 year old! Joseph loves to cook, enjoys sport, and is kind, humorous and full of good warm hugs! (Aunty Ruth thinks he is the only person in the family who knows how to hug properly- we are all hug very briefly and avoidance hang over from huge hugs and slobber kisses in some South African cultures. ) Jo loves to tease and have fun....if he is hot and sweaty he always makes sure he gives me a big hug before I realise just how 'wet' he is.
A couple of weekends ago we had a grand party for Jo....
Master Chef 2010!
There were 12 kids cooking, some in teams, from 7 to 19! Yes, in my I mad? Actually it went very smoothly. Kids were judged on cleaning up and presentation as well as taste. There were guessing competitions as well, trying to figure out which ingredients were in a dish, and a which meat is it competition too? Each team/person made roast chicken, savoury rice, salad and a chocolate trifle. The results were fabulous

....looks were stunning, cleaning up very impressive and tastes out of this world...

It was exhausting but also a lot of fun. Erica has booked in a master chef competition for her birthday too! ( I will make it a bit more simple)

Hay Happy birthday to my wonderful chef...I just love your cooking!
( Jo can cook a complete 2 course cooked dinner for 12 and clean up afterwards, all on his own! )
I am so proud of my son and love him to bits!
Master chef photographs and brief sample of some outcomes