Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dear Dorothy

I can't get to comment on my or any one elses blogs/posts tonight for some strange reason? And I am too techncally challanged and tired to figure out why? So I will just coment on a comment here! The origional post was on Aspergers adn Neurotypcal. see
This is the comment

dorothy said...

Well written! As mom to kids all over the neurological spectrum I love to see other moms appreciating the differences in people. Life sure isn't easy in our homes - but is it supposed to be?
20 December, 2009 00:14

And my

Hi Dorothy....too true, sometmes God takes us places we never thought we would manage and yet we do manage in His strength and land up being closer to Him through it, by His grace....."consider it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds!" Coping well has a lot to do with the attitude you start off with, I think. (I so like your attitude and enjoy following your blog! Praying God will be close to you in the next few very busy weeks/months) See these other blog postings along a similar thinking!

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