Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boxing Day

When I was a kid in Cape Town we always went to my great Uncle Fred's beach house for an extended family gathering. I can 'smell' the kelp and almond in the Christmas cakes as I write, and remember many very happy memories of Boxing Days growing up. Such gatherings have always been one of the things I have sorely missed since immigrating from South Africa ( close to 16 years now). Yesterday we went to visit 'old' Brizzie fiends and met up with a new South African family too. I realised that it is the longest Douglas and I have been in any one place together...nearly 6 years! We have had 6 Christmases here in Brisbane and have know these friends for as long. It was a wonderful feeling to have that continuity and feeling of belonging.

Here are some photographs of the pinyatta we took along - what fun!

Jarryn had to look for the lollies/sweeties so had to take his blindfold off.

The excitement mounts!

Watch out for Jo...Jon was worse still, unfortunately the filming was taken sideways and so hard to see, unless you turn your screen sideways:)

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