Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I have a nanny! She is kind and happy and sweet with the children. She does extra bits and pieces around the house without being told to. She is very good at schooling them! And I don't have to ask her to do things my way, she just knows how to already! I just love her to bits and so do the kids, she is heaven sent!

Jessica is taking a little break from studies untill the end of the year, so she is helping me a bit for a couple of weeks. She is also planning to do some art classes and to do some writing as she decides what to do next year. (Please pray that God would guide her! ) I am also trying to pesuade her to be brave enough to sit that learner driver's test, so we can teach her to drive! We have bought a car from a friend of ours who desperately needed to sell, so that the two big un's could learn to drive....
And so we reach a new era in our lives....
God is good indeed, and what a blessing to have our lovely children.

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